Requests and Donations

I wrote my Let’s Play of Dark Souls purely because it was something that I felt like doing. I expect nothing from anyone for doing it, but I am glad that others have enjoyed reading it.

Writing is something that I do in my spare time, and it consumes a lot of that time, sometimes more than I’d like. I enjoy it, so it’s not as if I’ll stop, but on my own I’m not sure how far I could take it.

It has been suggested that I play and write about Demon’s Souls, which is something I’m interested in. However, doing so would mean finding a copy of the game, and then buying a potentially expensive capture card in order to get screenshots and video. Right now, that’s a little out there for me, and I’m not sure how long it will be till I can do that.

As well, I am quite dismissive of modern gaming. Mostly I don’t mind, but it meant that I didn’t play Dark Souls until Dark Souls 2 was almost out. I’m glad that I decided to play the game, but it might be years again until I make a similar foray into new games. If anyone has a suggestion or a request for something I might like, or something they’d like me to play, I’m completely open to that.

Right now, all donations will go toward the purchase of Demon’s Souls and a capture card, unless the person donating has something else they want.


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