I have felt a desire to write some lately, though I haven’t even attempted it in many years. What I did write I never finished and never showed anyone. In an attempt to reverse both of those trends, I’m going to stick to short stories and post what I finish here. Not that I expect anyone to read them, but moving them from a physical page to an online page feels like I am reaching a point of completion that is gratifying.

Expect a mix of genres and such.

The Asshole ~1150 words (Updated Feb. 24th, 2016)

Snowflake ~1475 words

Lucky Break ~2330 words

The Tower ~1100 words

Memory Box ~2200 words

I Like Your Smile ~8500 words

Second Chances ~6760 words

Living With It ~4800 words

Salty ~700 words

Nurse ~1400 words

“My Way” ~1750 words

The Trip ~850 words

Conspiracy ~1100 words

Aunt Emma’s Futures ~1100 words

The Man on the Train ~1000 words

Birds ~850 words

The Martian Diary ~600 words

Things That Used to be Safe ~3000 words

Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt ~680 words

By Your Hand ~1600 words

The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars ~380 words

Going Home ~1450 words

Holly Went for a Walk ~8300 words


Grandma’s Mole ~420 words

The Under-Takers: Ian ~2700

Birth ~1820 words (Updated Feb. 21st, 2016)

Life ~2400 words (Updated March 25th, 2016)


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