I have felt a desire to write some lately, though I haven’t even attempted it in many years. What I did write I never finished and never showed anyone. In an attempt to reverse both of those trends, I’m going to stick to short stories and post what I finish here. Not that I expect anyone to read them, but moving them from a physical page to an online page feels like I am reaching a point of completion that is gratifying.

Expect a mix of genres and such.

The Asshole ~1150 words (Updated Feb. 24th, 2016)

Snowflake ~1475 words

Lucky Break ~2330 words

The Tower ~1100 words

Memory Box ~2200 words

I Like Your Smile ~8500 words

Second Chances ~6760 words

Living With It ~4800 words

Salty ~700 words

Nurse ~1400 words

“My Way” ~1750 words

The Trip ~850 words

Conspiracy ~1100 words

Aunt Emma’s Futures ~1100 words

The Man on the Train ~1000 words

Birds ~850 words

The Martian Diary ~600 words

Things That Used to be Safe ~3000 words

Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt ~680 words

By Your Hand ~1600 words

The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars ~380 words

Going Home ~1450 words

Holly Went for a Walk ~8300 words (Updated December, 2017)


Grandma’s Mole ~420 words

The Under-Takers: Ian ~2700

Birth ~1820 words (Updated Feb. 21st, 2016)

Life ~2400 words (Updated March 25th, 2016)

One thought on “Fiction

  1. Hi there,
    I sent you a message via WattPad regarding your story “Nurse” – I followed your trail here, and will happily take a look at some of your other work. I’d like to include your story in an upcoming issue of a short fiction magazine, a special feature on virtual and augmented reality. Forgive the double message! Please send me an email at the attached address or shoot an enquiry through if you’re interested.
    Naomi Moore
    New Orbit Magazine

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