DotA Guides

There are thousands of DotA guides online, covering everything from simple alt+tab skill and item build tools to more comprehensive primers on mechanics and strategy. I’m not about to spit into that lake like it will make any difference. But where do those guides come from, and why are they in such high demand? Because most players are unable to work them out, or at least don’t feel like they can work them out, for themselves. Teach a player how to play one hero and they will eventually manage that, but teach a player how to teach themselves and suddenly the world is their oyster. Understanding the building blocks is revealing for anyone who is interested in improving their game, and a player with those blocks in hand can finally step outside their narrow comfort zones and start to use their own imaginations, their own creativity. It will also help them reverse-engineer their favourite pro player’s builds and decision making, which can make watching competitive DotA more interesting.

That is my only goal here. The end result, I’d hope, would be for a player to get their hands on a completely new hero and be able to quickly start working out their own builds and play styles without having to wait for someone else to tell them how it’s done.

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