Site Update: Current Plan

I know I’ve left a lot of you in the lurch by seemingly abandoning my Dark Souls 2 Let’s Play. Truth is, for a while I did. Without getting into details, it’s been a difficult year for me, which has caused me to abandon all my plans multiple times over as I try to deal with the shifts and changes of my life.

My previous plan was to write and complete Dark Souls 2 in my downtime, and then only release it once it was fully complete. I thought this was the best way to go about it considering I’d already stopped it twice and it would be unfair to possibly do that again. At the same time, that would mean even longer without a hint that it was progressing at all.

Though I don’t expect anyone to care about the fiction I write, that particular creative outlet has been a rare light in the dark. A light like that is nice, but staring at it too long is liable to make you blind, which may be part of the issue. It’s not as if I had grand ambitions, but I still needed to do something, and everything else just looked like too much.

If I could do either full time, I’d try to get both done, but that’s not an option. Where I’m at now, it has to be one or the other.

And it will likely continue to be so. I’ve always had more things I wanted to do in this space, each more pointlessly drawn-out than the last. For the longest time, I felt on the cusp of abandoning fiction as well to write reviews of radio dramas and comedies going back all the way to the 1940s. Theatre of the mind has always been a passion of mine that I’d love to share with the world. Of course, that would be even more work, so it will have to wait. If I get to it at all.

Before this gets too rambly, I’ll lay out the basic course I attempting to navigate at this time.

I’m going to hold off on entirely new fiction, and also put the majority of my dozen or so works in progress in a box somewhere. I have one major project that I want to concentrate on right now, something new for me and likely longer than I’ve attempted before. That will be it for 2016. Aside from that, I’ll go through my completed drafts for a final edit (new grammar tools are a big help!) before putting them on Wattpad or something. I may also indulge in the occasional “Song of the Day” flash fiction piece, but those usually come and go in an afternoon, so they’re not a burden.

During the winter months, I will probably have more downtime, and that is when I will resume and finish the Dark Souls 2 Diaries.

After that, I’m not sure. We’ll take 2017 as it comes.

So, that’s that. A little update to keep those who may be interested in the loop. If you have any questions or comments, feel free.

I’m also going to try and stream on my Twitch account more regularly. It will be mostly Battlerite right now, but I may stream whatever else I’m playing if I think it would be at all interesting to watch. Check that out if you haven’t already.


Dark Souls 2 Diaries – Day 17

The thing about being lost, is that it only matters when you’ve some place to be and a reason to be there. Stuck in the desert without fuel or water? That’s a problem. A 5-year-old kid can’t find his father in the mall? Also a problem. A 45 year-old can’t find his father in the mall? Still a problem, but for different reasons.

Otherwise–and at the risk of sounding like a fortune cookie–becoming lost is an opportunity to find something that you might not even know you’re looking for.

Or it’s a big old waste of time. Mileage varies.

As is the case for today’s adventure in the “Doin’ it Wrong in Drangleic” series. But wait for it, this kind of stupid requires building up some steam to achieve. Continue reading

Dark Souls 2 Diaries – Day 16

It’s always a good idea to start the day with purpose. Maybe I’ve forgotten where I’m going, and never knew how I was getting there, but that doesn’t mean I have to lack goals.

My horoscope tells me that I shouldn’t be afraid to try something new. And that my Soul is fading, caught in an endless spiral of loss that feeds on my growing self-doubt until I take that final tumble from the path and fall forever toward the static void, lose my mind, and spend eternity as a slave to an insatiable, indefinable hunger. Recent issues of the Drangleic Times have been real downers, let me tell you.

Onward and upwards, I say. As long as I have souls in my pocket and air to breath, the end of the world may as well be ancient history, so to speak.

Something new, though. What can it be? Maybe some help with this feeling of constant isolation. I know, I’ll get myself a hobby. That’s how you meet new people.

Convenient, then, that I’ve hit the next level of devotion in the Company of Champions. I have my First Dragon Ring jammed firmly on my finger, and, still somewhat sour about finding another copy of the spell I worked so hard to have exclusive access to, I’m ready to move on. At last, I can see what it’s like on the other side. Continue reading