The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars

“Long ago, when the sun and the stars were still young, they lived together as a family. Day and night, they filled the sky like a field of glittering diamonds. The moon lived with them, too. She is older than any of the stars, and wiser–no, I don’t care what your teachers told you. That’s why the moon is bigger.

“But the sun resented the moon, and did all he could to become bigger and brighter. What? I don’t know. He used supplements. That’s not the point. The sun became stronger, so that his light began to eclipse the glow of the other stars. That means it blocked them. Yes, I know the moon eclipses the sun now. Again, that’s not the point.

“The other stars didn’t like the sun’s arrogance. He talked down to them, making fun of them for not being as strong as he was. A few stars also tried supplements. Some exploded, some got so big they imploded under their own weight. It means they collapsed. Yes, black holes. Most of them just left, though, and stopped hanging with the sun altogether. They’d go out with the moon instead, because she was willing to share her light. The moon reflects the light from the sun? Then why is it white, when the sun is yellow? Yeah. Maybe think before you interrupt me with total nonsense.

“Anyway, pretty soon the sun is all alone. He spends his time being as big and loud as possible, because he thinks that will get him attention, and that attention is what he needs. But nobody likes him, you see, and he’s exhausted from all the work. He tries to hang out with the moon and other stars, but they’re all dodging him, keeping the planets between themselves and the sun. To this very day, the sun is still wandering around, lonely and alone, while the moon and stars spend all their time together, avoiding him.

“Do you understand, son? There’s a reason you have no friends, so don’t come crying to me all the time. Honestly, I don’t know where that attitude of yours came from. Now go away, I want to watch my stories.”

Based on the prompt, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”


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