Song of the Day – 15/02/2016

Like many, I grew up with the assumption that certain genres of music, while not necessarily bad, were not worth listening to. Country was near the top of that list. My father, who played the music of my youth, had eclectic tastes that ran everywhere else. Weird jazz and blues from the likes of Captain Beefheart and Sun Ra, oddball electronic music as diverse as Laurie Anderson. Classical both modern and, well, classic, from Mozart and Bach to Gustav Holt, John Cage, and the Kronos Quartet. There were reggae, folk, and rock standards, even some pop now and then. But never any country.

And it stayed that way for a long time. But one thing I learned from my father is that the search for good music is never ending, and always rewarding. There’s nothing I won’t try twice, and I’m glad for that, because sometimes I just want something utterly morose, and nothing does that quite like country.

I’m still a neophyte, I’ll admit that. I’m not well versed in the classics and standards, and mostly go for the newer alternative stuff. Neko Case, Jenny Lewis, Corb Lund, and the like. But I’m not afraid to admit I like a little twang now and then.

Anyway, today’s song is some morose country. Not that I’m feeling that at the moment, but it stuck in my head, and that’s how this works.

Plus, there’s a sweet organ solo in there. Any song with an organ is a winner in my books.



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