My Next Project


Thanks to the generosity of azith28, I have a brand new copy of System Shock 2, a game that I have never played before, and know very little about.

I will try to install some basic HD texture mods, but beyond that I’m unsure of what else I’ll need. There are some additional community bug fix patches and enemy models, but I’m not sure if I should go that far: according to the modding FAQs, they change they game in some ways, altering it from the original release. I’m referring specifically to mods like Anomalies, Discrepancies, and Outright Bugs, which is a fan patch that, while fixing bugs, does alter the game.

On my own, I wouldn’t hesitate to install every mod I could find, but I’m not so sure about what would be best in this situation. Perhaps going for the complete warts-and-all package would be preferable.


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