Game Ten

Game ID: 469423147 (download) (Place replay in the “replays” folder found in “steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/dota” and it should show up in the downloaded replays section under the “Watch” tab.)

Wherein I Have to Play Against ixmike88

Game Type: All Pick

Pick Phase

They random Tiny. We random Omniknight. They pick Earth Spirit and Timbersaw. We pick Puck. We random Pugna. They pick Mirana. We pick Gyrocopter. I want to play support this game, and I’m going to make it a ranged support. I’d also like a decent disable to deal with Timbersaw and Earth Spirit. Mostly I want to steal something fun, like Sacred Arrow, so I pick Rubick. Their last pick is a Lifestealer.

game 10 start

Starting Items and Lanes

Courier x1, Tangos x1, GG Branches x3, Gauntlet of Strength x1

We’re going to 2-1-2, with Omniknight up top to protect Gyrocopter. Those two alone won’t be much good against Timbersaw, but if I’m there we’re not much more likely to get a kill, and if I’m with Pugna in the bottom lane against a Tiny (I figure jungle Lifestealer, and Mirana either roaming or in the top lane) we can take shots at him nonstop.

First Blood

No sooner does he get to the lane does Puck eat a maximum range Sacred Arrow. Earth Spirit starts working on him with a lead pipe, but Puck has Illusory Orb and gets away with about 25 HP. The problem is that Puck went for a Null Talisman as a starting item and is now reduced to hiding way behind the tower and munching Tangos, which gives Earth Spirit the lane.

Down in the bottom lane we’re doing a good enough job keeping Tiny away from the creeps, and when he finally decides he’s had enough and goes for a last hit I lift him and Pugna starts blasting away. Unfortunately, Mirana chooses that moment to arrive and hits Pugna with an arrow that lets Tiny escape. Meanwhile, in the top lane ixmike88 is trying to steal Omniknight’s neutral creeps, and after a nicely timed Purification heal, Repel, and Homing Missile, the Omniknight and Gyrocopter catch him before he can get away, giving Gyrocopter the First Blood. ixmike88 starts complaining in all chat.

Early Game

Though we don’t kill Tiny in the bottom lane, Puck shows up with a Haste rune and I kill Mirana.

When she respawns, Mirana heads to the top lane, and lands a nice Sacred Arrow on Gyrocopter. Omniknight is too far away to help and Timbersaw gets the kill.

“nwm,” says ixmike88, having just called Mirana a Mexican, “purpel wpns.”

Mid keeps on going poorly (Earth Spirit has 25 last hits to Puck’s 7, and dies), and Mirana is landing Arrows consistently in the top lane, leading to more deaths. In the bottom lane we’re still preventing Tiny from farming, but he’s proving to be a little too elusive to take down. He’s also stopping us from pushing the tower.

Lifestealer picks up his completed Midas just after 8 minutes.

Then Mirana hits me with a Sacred Arrow, and is 1 shot away from taking me out while I try pathetically tun outrun a woman riding a tiger. Pugna arrives with a clutch Decrepify, saving me with 12 HP. He then body blocks me while I’m trying to escape, so Mirana gets the last hit anyway. I’d say it’s the thought that counts, but he’s not a close friend or relative, so that doesn’t apply. I do get to steal Moonlight Shadow when I get back to the lane, which is something.

First Tower

Pugna dives their bottom tier 1 without creeps, because it’s in deny range. He gets it with his Nether Blast, but at the price of his own life as Tiny drops him like a sack of old bones.

I use my stolen Moonlight Shadow so we can sneak up on Mirana and Timbersaw while they’re standing at their top tier 1 tower. We kill them both and get the tower, which gives me the gold for my Arcane Boots. I’m reasonably happy with that result.

Mid Game

We keep pushing, taking down their mid tier 1 and tier 2 towers, while they get our mid tier 1. Then, at 15 minutes into the game, we finally catch a sight of their Lifestealer as he interrupts a fight in the Radiant jungle between Gyrocopter, Omniknight, and Earth Spirit. This Lifestealer is level 11, the highest in the game, has Midas and Power Treads, and is only 400 gold from finishing his Armlet of Mordiggian. Suddenly a game that was looking pretty good for us is not looking good at all as the Radiant team, emulating the one and only Dread Pirate Roberts, announces that they are not left handed.

Around 18 minutes I finally steal Sacred Arrow. Lifestealer immediately shows up and pulls my spine out through my ear. Bummer.

By 20 minutes Lifestealer has a Shadow Blade as well.

Late Game

It’s your standard descent into suffering. We fight on, and get kills now and then, keeping us even on the scoreboard, but in every fight we come out a little further behind


At 30 minutes we win a fight and decide to kill Roshan. Well, Omniknight, Gyrocopter, and Pugan go for Roshan. Puck and I chase ixmike88’s Timbersaw from the mid lane, to the river, to their jungle, then up to our bottom lane, and eventually corner him in the back of our base, where he uses his Bloodstone suicide. Gyrocopter gets the Aegis. He has a Demon Edge and 2800 gold. It’s time to decide what he’s going to get next, Monkey King Bar, or Divine Rapier.

He chooses Monkey King Bar.

Our item situation is not good. Mirana long ago picked up a Midas of her own, and has a Diffusal Blade to purge away anyone trying to escape Lifestealer by going into ethereal form. I have my Force Staff, Arcane Boots, and an Urn, but hold out little hope for getting any other items except for wards and dusts. Omniknight has a Platemail and is probably saving to get a Shiva’s Guard. He would probably have been better served with a Heaven’s Halberd. The other big problem is that Timbersaw, Tiny, and Earth Spirit all have BKBs, and Lifestealer has Rage. All that magic immunity is making Pugna and Puck useless in fights, so all of our damage has to come from Gyrocopter, who only has one damage item.

At 38 minutes Tiny picks up a Double Damage rune, Mirana uses Moonlight Shadow, and they charge down the mid lane. Pugna and Omniknight die instantly. Pugna buys back, but Omniknight just spent his gold on the Shiva’s Guard. The rest of us retreat to our high ground, followed by Timbersaw. I steal Chakram from him, and we manage to set up an exceptional Chakram and Dream Coil combo on 4 of their heroes, which convinces them to back off after Earth Spirit and Timbersaw die.

At 43 minutes they push again, and this time we’re out of buybacks. Everyone dies. Our base dies. Game over.

game 10 endDire Victory

Solo ranked queue record: 4-6

Best Pick

Last pick Lifestealer for their jungle. It was a bit of a gamble, but we didn’t have manpower or intention to stop a dedicated jungler, and it payed off in spades.

Worst Pick

They were both randoms, but neither Pugna nor Omniknight turned out to be what we needed. I didn’t do much better, but that’s on me.


Lifestealer won them the game.


I’d put it down to me or Omniknight, but I bought most of the wards, and he bought a Shiva’s Guard instead of saving for buyback. On the other hand, I stole maybe 2 useful spells the entire game and was food any time their team wanted to use BKBs. Let’s call it a draw.

Personal Rating

I didn’t play that well, but it could have been much worse. The important thing is that I had some fun.

I also understand that some congratulations are in order, as ixmike88 seems to have reached 5200 MMR since this game was played.


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