Daishi’s Twitter – Round 15

Weeks 17 and 18 – 16/04/11 – 29/04/11

I haven’t had time to tweet much recently but don’t worry I’m still alive!

Which I will echo. Though, not so much that I haven’t had a whole lot of time to post, but that there’s been a lack of things to post about.

I’d hoped that after basically getting called out with the countdown teaser that Namco put up mere hours after Daishi posted that he hoped that maybe he could give us some real news sometime time in May he’d go ahead and spill a few beans, but he’s kept quiet. I waited on him, but no longer.

If you’ve forgotten, one of the last topics Daishi was talking about was the difference between playing Soulcalibur with a pad and a stick, and how people who play the games like the controls.

Difficult commands only limits the moves players can use but changing them suddenly may make things feel strange. The balance is hard.

This time we plan on reducing commands like A+K so moves are easier to pull off on pad.

Which pad players will identify with readily. Moves with a+k commands are very difficult to pull off using the face buttons on the default setup, so most everyone binds them to a shoulder button or uses a shoulder button in combination with a face button. And a+k moves are mostly distinct, niche moves within a character’s total moveset, making them often the rarest and least used. But at the same time, they’re often that way because the other inputs they could be using are being taken up by more common moves, so if their plan is to make things less awkward for people using the same character across multiple games, they may still run into problems.

If they really want to work on difficult commands, they need to redo all the just frames. Not because they’re all difficult, but because many of them are arbitrary, and that obfuscates important parts of the game. Ditto for guard crushes.

However, some things are a given, like Ivy getting new commands for half of her moves. You know it’s going to happen.

I prefer stick but there’s no stick in the world that I like so I don’t own a “my stick”. At work I use pad most of the time.

So Daishi gets the shaft the same way I do at tournaments, but for different reasons. Since we both play stick, but neither of us own one (well, I do, but not a ps3 stick), we’re stuck using pads. Hopefully he can find a stick that he likes and get a decent official arcade stick produced for the game.

Good things will come to those who wait! @ultimatesoll its enough dai-chan. for 5 months you making chit-chat… tell us what you guys done?

Don’t worry, I’m a loyal fan of fighting games myself. @Modisana Pls keep the loyal fans in mind and don’t dumb the game down in the process

Hopefully I can announce something people will be happy about. RT @CHMTNN:

If I can’t wait, I might tweet something ahead of time… RT @HybridRain: “Hopefully I will be able to announce something mid May.”

Posted a few days before Namco put up the countdown site.

And it’s only 8 days left till the countdown hits 0.

Anyway, I’m down for trusting Daishi for now. He’s said some things that I don’t think other developers would, like admitting that some of the past Soulcalibur games have been buggy and broken. He’ll be on a leash — they can’t do anything too bizarre with the game; Namco wants money — but within the boundaries they set I’m sure he’ll find something worth doing, and ways to put his own stamp on the series (you know he wants to, being a first time director of a series he loves).

As long as he avoids the trap that many comic book fans fall into, I’m sure he’ll do a fine job.

Setsuka’s real hair is blonde. In SC3 it was black for various reasons but we made her default color blond in SC4. @Trace_afj witch is the true Setsuka´s hair color?

It’s pretty much established that Setsuka is Russian. She was raised in Japan, so dying her hair would make sense for not standing out. I mean, if you’re a huge blonde woman running around feudal Japan it ain’t going to do you favours when your life’s goal is to assassinate a Japanese dude.

Further evidence: her names is supposed to mean Snow Flower in Japanese. And as we all know, Russia is cold. It snows there 24 hours a day, year round. That’s why, as Tokyo Zombie taught us, All Men go to Russia.

Thanks! If possible I’d like to test out both sticks! RT @MarkMan23:Hi Odashima-san. If you’d like I can send you some FightStick samples.

That’s what I’m talking about. Get that Soulcalibur stick made, and with good parts.

To be honest, that will be too hard to do due to copyright issues. RT @Alkadry1: @Daishi_CALIBUR Will necrid be in the next SC game? He was my favorite character PLEASE bring him back

Necrid was in fact designed and created by Todd Mcfarlane, the same guy who created Spawn, so yes, there would be licensing issues, and I doubt Namco would pay for a character that so few people cared about. Which is probably the same reason why we’re not going to see characters like Shura return, either.

I dont like increasing the number of moves just for the sake of it but some do. What do you mean by ”moves that make characters attractive?”

Not cutting down on the moves, but reducing the clutter in the movelists. You can accomplish mixups through other means, my favourite being cancels and delays. Less useless moves, more cancels and delays. That is what I want.

Is that what people want? RT @Voldominic: any chance that the characters speak their own language?

I guess this is a thing? It seems to be. I don’t get it. It would be neat to hear Raphael speaking Middle French, but it’s not like that would help anyone, and it would take a lot of work. Middle French is pretty different from modern French. In fact, pretty much every character would be speaking in a language unintelligible to people who speak the modern forms. Unless they use the modern languages, but then they’d be inaccurate anyway and they may as well speak English or Japanese.

Whatever; as long as they don’t end up sounding like Blazblue characters I’ll be happy.

Cosplay is actually important. I read SE and SC1 characters were designed so that they were easy to recreate for cosplay! @AriesWarlock This Tira is good too http://fav.me/d3et30h

This week’s cosplay ends with a surprising note. If what Daishi’s saying has any truth to it, there are obvious implications. Do you want to correlate the dip in Soulcalbur’s “realism” with when the storylines and character designs took a path that was increasingly fantastical? You could, if you wanted. I mean, the obvious conclusion is that if the costumes were easier to cosplay we wouldn’t have gotten Soulcalibur 4 Ivy. (Which is bullshit).

I’m not going to post them here, but I’m sure you can find the ridiculous cosplay contest ads they did for the new Mortal Kombat game, and even when you contrast that with something like this, there’s no proof that “harder to cosplay” is synonymous with “skimpier.” Five minutes googling cosplay will disabuse you of that idea.


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