Daishi Announces Announcement

I took Easter off, and there was nothing to report on last week anyway. I figured on maybe Thursday or Friday Daishi would respond to something interesting. But no, on Monday he drops this:

Hopefully I will be able to announce something mid May.

That’s meaningless by itself. He might announce something sometime in the future? Alright.

But Namco may have called his bluff, because this site was found today. It’s a 2 week (i.e., it ends around mid May) countdown entitled “The Beginning of the New Chapter.” Along with the countdown there are some bits of blurry writing, but you can clearly read words like “history,” “story,” and possibly “sword” or “soul” as well. There is also a sword in the top half of the picture, and by its look it would have to belong to one of the Alexandra sisters, or possibly Hilde, though it’s none of their primary weapons.

This announcement announcement makes me more certain of my initial impression of Daishi’s tweet: the announced announcement will be that an announcement will be made at e3. There are already going to be some high profile fighting games shown off there, and Namco wants to sell this game to the West, so e3 is the logical place to show anything substantial.

However, there was a little post that Harada, Daishi’s boss, made a month ago:

Ohh New Soul Calibur logo design is good. I like that

This tweet was made on the 26th of March, and there hasn’t been a single hint of the logo since, but we can be sure that it’s actually done, and relatively sure that it will tease something about the game, probably having to do with the swords. And we might get some concept art as well.

That’s all for now. Hopefully Daishi will post a response to the countdown, and do it before Friday so I can write about something this weekend.


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