Daishi’s Twitter – Round 11

Week 13 – 19/03/11 – 25/03/11

On Monday Daishi returned, reporting that he and his staff are getting back to work now that most of the immediate threats are over and Tokyo is stable again.

We’re officially back at work starting today. The situation here is still worrying. Some staff have relatives who suffered from the disaster

It may take some time before things are back to normal but we will do our best to stay positive and move forward.

Thank you everyone for their care and support during this hard time.

Nothing more to say on that. Except for this:

@Daishi_CALIBUR, All the local grocery stores here in the USA are collecting charities for Japan, I hope the money gets to the right places.

@JakajanTiamu, Japan is very grateful for the support.

There are better, and certainly more relevant, places to go to for information and news about Japan, the earthquakes and tsunamis, and charities as well.

But always make sure to check any charities you feel like donating to. There are very reliable and trustworthy organizations that you can give your money to directly; you don’t have to funnel it through any sort of 3rd party, especially ones that look shady, or have terrible reputations. I’m not going to name any names. Just be careful.

Nice! RT @AriesWarlock check out the fans cosplaying http://fav.me/d3c5rsk

I’m not one for cosplay myself, but a couple years back I was in Montreal visiting my brother, and while we were wandering about downtown, going through that city’s poor excuse for a chinatown, we ran into an anime convention, and I just had to get a picture of this Tira.

We’re back on track but behind on schedule. I suspect a hard battle ahead of us… RT @meteorflarem:

It’s been a while since I talked about games. I think the last thing I talked about was “how are arcade games?”

Anyhow, a new topic! Who does everyone think is SC’s main character? I think, SE=Mitsu, SC1=Xiang, SC2=Nightmare? SC3=Sieg? SC4=Sieg

Personal favorites aside, seems like everyone thinks Siegfried is the main character. At least for the more recent series.

We’ve gone over this a bit before, but the list he came up with is accurate enough, with Soul Edge being debatable. The real question is why Daishi even cares about a main character this deep into the series, and after the last 2 games doing everything they could to debase and disrupt Soul Calibur’s plot.

Is he starting a neutral subject to ease himself back into things after some very stressful time off? Or does he have actual plans for where he wants the story to go? Like a new central character.

That’s about it for last week. It was light, with Daishi getting having to pick up from where they left off. Hopefully nothing important was lost or damaged.

I should have an extra update ready in the middle of the week.


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