Daishi’s Twitter – Round 7

Week 7 – 05/02/11 – 11/02/11

I went to an event called Game Music Laboratory. They played Secret of Mana’s “Danger” and “Meridian Dance” live and it was awesome!

The violin and piano sounded great. Maybe we should add them to our music too?

I could tell the musicians were really enjoying themselves. Am I enjoying what I’m doing? All I think about is the schedule, the budget…

The event helped me to remember to enjoy my work! Also it reminded me, I’m just a kid who loves games.

It’s tough to be bogged down by administrative detail work when you want to be creative. Of course, Daishi’s team is still in the planning phase, which means they’re still trying to establish what they want to do and what they can do. Once they start to do some real work he should be happier.

@Daishi_CALIBUR How are chances you’ll consider this puppeteer (from SC1) as a new character? he’s very unique! http://tinyurl.com/4bopm99

@weshookhands I don’t think anyone from the team even remembers the puppeteer design. You’re hardcore. http://tinyurl.com/4bopm99

That dude is hardcore, and so is that design.

And also the type of character that (some) people would bitch about not fitting into the Soulcalibur universe if he’d been put in the newer games. Hohoho, Daishi.

@satoda_eida In SC1 you could exchange guard impacts one after the other. Not sure if it was designed that way, but it’s what makes it good.

The good thing about games are, the players have the freedom to play however they choose and bring out the best out of it.

@koo_j At the least, I want to make a game that I can enjoy personally. Off course I will make sure it’s fun for everyone too!

Exchanging Guard Impacts is a standard example of mid-level play, and of good times. It’s nice that Daishi recognizes that giving players more creative options is a good thing, because there was one area that Soulcalibur 4 came up really short on: cancels.

More cancels, please. Any Xianghua player would agree.

@Daishi_CALIBUR Good terms with Capcom? How about Dante from DMC in the new Soul Calibur? Fans have speculated this since SC3.

@TigerC10 We’re on good terms with Capcom with TK vs SF, SF vs TK coming. Doesn’t Akuma have a samurai ancestor?

Finally, an interesting idea for a guest character. Like Yoshimitsu, an alternate samurai version of Akuma could be more than a simple crossover character, and he’d fit in well enough.

And who doesn’t want to see a Raging Demon Critical Finisher? With a sword?

Quick announcement: as a collaboration, you can equip Soul Calibur and Soul Edge in God Eater Burst. Try it if you have it!

Gods Eater Burst is the English name of Namco’s Monster Hunter clone, and it’s getting released on the PSP mid March, 2011. I love me some Monster Hunter, and I’m looking forward to this game. Here are the in-game pics, showing that they’re the full Siegfried and Nightmare versions of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge.

@nomusher Do you like the tag system? What do you like about it? I’d like to know.

@nomusher I just wanted to know why people like tag. Is it because of it’s complexity? Or using multiple characters? etc.

See, here’s the thing about a tag system being shoved into the game: at best, it’ll be a novelty, like the special versus modes that Soulcalibur games already have. They’re there, and they’re very different from standard versus, and nobody plays them. Unless significant time and effort is put into a tag system, it’ll end up as a goofy mode that will delight people who make combo videos, and not much else.

Look at the Dead or Alive series, which has the most dynamic and robust tag system in 3d fighters, yet tourneys are all run in normal versus mode. Of course, that game has other problems, and the community may share them, but the same thing would happen with a tag mode in Soulcalibur. There would be a few funtimes side tourneys when it comes out, then it’ll disappear. Unless a game focuses on the tag, it’s probably not worth it.

Would it be fun, though? Probably. Could it be done? Sure. Should it be in the game? Why not.

“Learn from the past and create something new.” No deep meaning 🙂 RT @broccoman: have you considered a retcon for the Soul series?

I think the title “Soul Edge” suits the game more than “Soulcalibur”. Other than SC1, the story always revolves around Soul Edge.

@zeonizm SE (SB) was about Soul Edge. SC1 was about Soul Calibur. SC2 was about Evil Calibur. The rest is all about Soul Edge.

Plus everyone seems to like Soul Edge better than Soul Calibur. It’s something I was thinking from a while back.

@satoda_eida I didn’t think Soulcalibur would become a numbering sequel. Thought it would change from Soul Edge > Soulcalibur > Soulxxx etc

@koo_j Yeah, I like Soul Edge better too. It looks stronger and the design’s cooler. Especially the eye.

@Harada_TEKKEN I know the real reason why the title had to be changed. I’m just talking from a setting, story point of view.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the chief reason for Namco switching from the name Soul Edge to Soul Blade for their international releases was the infamous EDGE Games trademark. With that out of the way Namco would be free to make a new Soul Edge game.

Daisha hints at a more intriguing direction for the series, though: a new sword, which would allow a new title, a new character, and fresh motives for all the rest.

Soul Edge was about Soul Edge, the sword, Soulcalibur 1 was about Soulcalibur, the sword. They’ve been playing off each other since then, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be more ancient and powerful weapons.

Imagine: Nightmare is again rampaging through Europe, with Siegfried on his heels. However, when they battle, a stranger shows up, holding a sword neither of them have seen before. The stranger states that his goal is to not only destroy Soul Edge, but Soulcalibur as well, and he attacks them both. Siegfried and Nightmare are too busy fighting each other to deal with this new threat, and the swords know it: with their mutual destruction at hand they combine to form Night Terror, leaving Siegfried and Nightmare drained and helpless. The stranger chases after the fleeing Night Terror, leaving Siegfried and Nightmare for dead. They each recover, but now have new goals, and a new, mutual enemy.

Any variation on those themes would work. The important thing is that a new threat would break the repetitive cycle of Soul Edge being broken up, recovered, broken up, and recovered again. It’s time to end the Cold War. If Siegfried is always chasing Nightmare, why can’t someone be chasing Siegfried? If Soulcalibur wants to destroy the evil Soul Edge, why can’t another sword, or owner of the sword, want to destroy them both? It would be a more neutral position, to balance out the good and evil we already have. And how would the rest of the cast treat a new sword? How would it treat them?

And finally:

@Daishi_Calibur Could we get a song for opening theme like “The Edge Of Soul” was for Soul Edge ? For me, it was the best opening.

@SetsunaYuki Maybe. Yeah, the opening for Soul Edge “THE EDGE OF SOUL (KHAN_SUPER_SESSION)” is good.

A lot of people still love that Soul Blade intro, and all its cheesy glory. Too bad Cervantes didn’t get a Scorpion Critical Finisher.

And is that a naked Sophitia? When did the Soul series become all about the boobs.


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