Daishi’s Twitter – Round 6

Week 6 – 29/01/11 – 04/02/11

@YAMA__KATSU I was in a lower position too so I know how you feel. We often know more about games than the higher ups.

So it’s our job to protect the game for the players and create what they want. I’m still a trouble maker in the company lol.

@YAMA__KATSU You quit SNK? That’s sad to hear.

Intentionally or not, Daishi’s very presence indicates a turning point for the Soulcalibur series, and that reflects Namco’s current mindset. They want to make money, like they always have, and they continue to make moronic and off-putting decisions when it comes to their Western fanbases, but they need Soulcalibur to be their great Western trump card.

Tekken is beloved by many people outside of Japan, but it still maintains a strong local following. Conversely, Soulcalibur lost a lot of steam in Japan when it was removed from the arcades, yet still sells very well everywhere else, and is adored in France (similar to the King of Fighters series in South America). Assuming any sort of competence in Namco, they must be aware that this new Soulcalibur game is, more than even the last one — and barring radical changes — a game they’re making for the Western market. Probably the only game they’re making for the Western market.

And now Daishi, under Harada’s banner of openness, continues to paint himself as a — very shy and polite — maverick. From the way he was first scouted, to his design choices, and even his relative inexperience within the Soulcalibur team as whole, Daishi seems like an odd choice to head up a project that Namco needs to succeed. Or maybe not. Maybe they’re finally making all the right moves, and they think that letting someone new, someone with fresh ideas, lead the development team, someone who might actually listen to and respond to fans and their concerns, is just what the doctor ordered.

The only thing that’s clear right now is that this project is gushing over with potential.

For anyone curious, this is all in response to Masaaki Kukino’s twitter. Who is Masaaki Kukino? He’s the producer of King of Fighters 12 and 13 that quit back in November. That announcement came along with the rumour that the new SNKP boss isn’t so keen on video games, leaving King of Fighters fans in the lurch, since they’re still waiting for King of Fighters 13 to actually get a console release date. Thankfully, SNKP has said that they’re not quitting video games just yet. King of Fighters 13 will probably get that console release date this year. But King of Fighters 14? We’ll worry about that rickety old rope bridge when we finally get to it.

@Daishi_CALIBUR I welcome the trouble maker… as namco has lost a bit of its flair in recent years.

@JasonAxelrod Making games with a salary man mentality is hard. You need your own vision. Just look at Harada-san, he looks like a yakuza!


Apparently, they were planning something like that for SC1, SC2 back in the day. RT @OOFMATIC: SC5 needs another Samurai to rival Mitsurugi!

I see that Author has a bit of a fan base? Can’t I just paint Mitsurugi’s hair blond? I guess not…

Initially, Arthur replaced Mitsurugi in Korea (for obvious cultural reasons), but he was quickly forgotten (except a brief return in Soulcalibur 3). And there were assholes with guns. But, when Mitsurugi eventually got his rival it wasn’t a Samurai at all, it was a pissed-off half-Japanese lady.

Mitsurugi, like the main Japanese heroes of many fighting games, has been a character on a journey to find his true power. The reason? To overcome the Samurai’s ultimate obstacle: rifles. Having another Samurai to fight against wouldn’t put a human face to his enemy, it would have changed that enemy completely. Unless it was a Samurai with a rifle. Either way, he overcame that obstacle and got new rival at the same time. Could he use another? Why not.

@neoaiq Still deciding whether or not we will have guests. If we do, who will it be? If not, what can we do instead? Still many issues..

I still think the best way to go would be licensing costumes instead of characters, but if they can come up with other things to “do instead,” then I’m down with that.

@tetubusi I put my soul in balancing Rock but he was changed again on the PSP version… Like I said I don’t favor characters, just in case.

Speaking as a Rock player, if Daishi was doing his best to balance Rock, he was doing it for a different game. Rock suffers from nothing more than Soulcalibur 4’s basic systems not favouring his playstyle. At all. But at least he was unique and fun to play. Given the chance, would Daishi just balance the rest of the game around such a unique style?

Funnily enough, Rock is much stronger in Broken Destiny, mostly through simple damage buffs and improved options. He’s still completely out of place, though.

And finally:

Kūkai is very intriguing. I will never be as great as him.

The Kukai Daishi references is also known as Kobo-Daishi, and is a famous Japanese monk and scholar who’s achievements include founding a Buddhist sect and inventing kana, the alphabet that makes up the bulk of written Japanese. He’s kind of a big deal.


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