Daishi’s Twitter – Round 4

Week 4 – 15/01/11 – 21/01/11

I get asked a lot about characters in the next SC but it’s undecided. Mitsurugi, Siegfried, Li Long to Charade, they all have a chance.

If you were a person who liked to read too much into the way information is worded, then you might think the way Daishi and his English translator made this declaration is extremely suspicious. Saying that Mitsurugi and Siegfried have only a chance of making it in to the next game, and that their chance is shared with Li Long and Charade, probably means nothing, but it might be a window into Daishi’s current creative mindset.

A partial reboot or continuity jump might see elder characters like Mitsurugi passing the torch to a younger surrogate, like Sophie originally did with Cassandra in the arcade release of Soulcalibur 2, or Siegfried once again disappearing into his Nightmare state. Like he did in Soulcalibur 2. Or Mina, Rock, and Hwang being replaced by Kilik, Astaroth, and Yun. Like they were in Soulcalibur 2.  Not that I’m implying a pattern, but if Daishi is going to say something then I’m going to look at it from any angle I choose.

lol RT @AriesWarlock: @Daishi_Calibur SC3 funny comic http://fav.me/d1z2xnf

Nothing special, but someone likes this stuff.

I like the gauge system. Super/Ultra Combo, Rage, Tension, Kiai, Weapon, Skill, Power, Heat. RT @Wael3rd: What is your favorite gameplay…

There are many different gauge systems. I like managing gauges while I fight.

Gauges, like the Soul Gauge? Or maybe a weapon gauge? Or maybe a combination of the two, since weapons and souls seem intertwined in Soulcalibur anyway.

There is precedence for gauge management in the Soul series: Witness the Critical Edge.

For anyone out of the loop, the Critical Edge was the Soul Blade equivalent of Tekken’s 10-hit combos, though a well placed Critical Edge was actually useful, since it was guaranteed on a normal hit, leading to easy half bar punishment on whiffed moves. The downside of a Critical Edge is that it used up 1/3rd of a character’s weapon gauge to just start it, and it could be blocked. When a character’s weapon gauge was empty, blocking weapon attacks would disarm them, and they’d be forced to finish the round without a weapon — an unarmed character took block damage, had very little reach with their attacks, and couldn’t hurt their opponent’s weapon gauge.

In fact, Soulcalibur 4’s Soul Gauge functions similar to the old weapon gauge. Both are drained by blocking, partially refill between rounds, and would probably cost a player the match if drained completely. It’s easy to imagine a synthesis of the Soul Gauge, weapon gauge, Critical Finishers, and Soul Charges, and all the gauge management options it would represent.

Many fans want to play BD console while they wait but, it will delay the new SC. Even if we outsource we don’t have resources to manage it.

I’m sorry but please wait for the new SC. We won’t let you down!

As I’ve already said, Daishi’s made it painfully clear that there will be no Broken Destiny port. Whether his new reasons are an excuse or not, it’s still obvious that he’s got no plans for working on it. We wouldn’t be missing a whole lot anyway.

Becoming a director and doing work I’m not use to can be very tiring. Creating characters was my thing. I gotta adjust!

For BD, Kratos, Dampierre. Did a lot for IV, Yoda, Apprentice, Algol and more RT @MistaKoo: @Daishi_CALIBUR Which characters did you create?

Now that is something. And the something is not art assets, he’s talking about movesets. And not just any movesets: the characters he’s taking responsibility for are both the most unique and the most controversial in the series (excepting Hilde, but maybe he just forgot to name her) — not just the series, but in modern 3d fighters as a whole. The Jedi’s Force gauge, Algol’s projectiles, Dampierre’s inherent randomness, they all bring something new to the table.

They show that Daishi is willing to take risks and shake things up.

A lot of work was put into the guest characters for Soulcalibur 4. Besides Yoda, they’re actually reasonably fun and balanced. I’m not the only one who’d like to see them return — not as they were, but as actual Soulcalibur characters. Namco is welcome to take a page from SNK’s playbook; when it came time to remake King of Fighter’s 2002, they realized that their homage to Tetsuo, K9999 (pronounced kay-four-nine), needed to be replaced, so they just copied his moveset onto a new character. And SNK had their cake and ate it, too.

There’s no good reason why the better parts of The Apprentice’s and Darth Vader’s movesets couldn’t be carried over into new characters in the next game. Do it, Namco.

@Daishi_CALIBUR Will the new installment of Soul Calibur be a fighting game like SC4, or will it be an off-shoot like SC Legends? RT @seawied: Wait for the official announcement!

This obviously means nothing. I hope.

@GeradCup_G3: Fighting Layer? It’s not well known. There aren’t any characters I like but Darun from SFEX was cool. Also made by Arika.

The oddest request so far: A Japanese fan asking about characters from Fighting Layer, a game made by Arika (of Street Fighter EX fame) in the late 90s, and published by Namco.

Revel in that late-90s arcade synthesizer.

Many fans want to play BD console while they wait but, it will delay the new SC. Even if we outsource we don’t have resources to manage it.

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