Daishi’s Twitter – Round 3

Week 3 – 08/01/11 – 14/01/11

I joined the Tekken team on Pod Cast. Bit embarassed. RT @Harada_TEKKEN:for ALL TEKKEN & SC fan. Plz listen(POD CAST)–> http://t.co/AjpFzM7

A good listen, but it’s a Tekken podcast, so it’s primarily focused on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 questions. Harada has Daishi on hand and gets him to introduce himself and say a few things via a translator. Diashi talks about his early experience with the Soulcalibur series, playing Soulcalibur 1 in Japanese arcades, and how he was scouted by Namco after posting on message boards about the improvements he would make if he were ever put in charge. Well, now he’s in charge, and I don’t think I’m the first person who’s using his background, along with the current fighting game climate, to predict a long look into the past when it comes to designing this new Soulcalibur game.

And Ares is a cool dude when he’s not bitching about Soulcalibur.

Daishi also takes time to answer a few miscellaneous questions.

Ivy, Sophitia and Setsuka. I also like Xianghua, she used to be my main. RT @TheMirrorcle: Who is your favorite female charaacter from SC?

As he’s already said, he’s a Xianghua player, and he likes Ivy, Sophie, and Setsuka because they have big, American-style breasts. Or whatever.

Dampierre, Algol, Cervantes. Especially Cervantes. He is cool in so many ways. RT @Chapter_10: Who’s your favourite male character?

Some offbeat choices.

Costumes of characters I mentioned previously. I like the whole package. @MonsieurDeMatt: Which are your favourite costumes in the SC games?

So he likes Ivy’s and Sophie’s costumes, and many people like to complain about Ivy’s and Sophie’s costumes in the games he’s worked on. It’s not a topic I care enough about to go into length here, but Ivy at least was a character designed from the ground up as a deviant, barely-clothed sex symbol. Sophie and Taki were part of Soulcalibur from the beginning, and had to shoulder that sex appeal burden as well. That’s just how video games the media works. Not an excuse, just a fact.

Just because I like them, doesn’t mean I’ll make them stronger or favor them in any way. Just making sure.

Ain’t that a relief.

Good morning. People around me thought Chronicles was no good so I’m surprised by the positive feedback.

I wonder if Chronicles of the Sword from SC3 was really that popular.

Out of the many modes, I too liked “Edge Master Mode”. It could be nostalgia but it was good.

Better Edge Master Mode than Chronicles of the Sword, which was a mode so blindingly awful that it would force the PS2’s memory card to corrupt Soulcalibur 3’s save data in an effort to save the player.

One thing needs to be said about all of these extra modes. Soulcalibur 3, despite having some horrifying gameplay modes, also had the the single greatest innovation in the series: the player could unlock nearly everything in the game by playing VS mode. The only way to improve on that would be making everything unlockable through VS mode. Don’t force players to trudge through another Chronicles of the Sword or Tekken Force. Just don’t do it. Why wasn’t the Soulcalibur 3 system kept for Soulcalibur 4? I blame achievements.

@CHMTNN: Sexy outfits? I heard each girl had their own type of appeal to suit everyone’s taste LOL!

One of the few Japanese questions that Daishi doesn’t have translated into English. My Japanese is don’t-even-bother bad, but I get the sneaking suspicion that this goofball was asking for some “sexier” character creation outfits. And underboob.

Had a sound meeting with Nakatsuru-san today. http://photozou.jp/photo/show/1228354/64263067

A meeting with Nakatsuru, who I’ll assume is once again in charge of music and sound for the Soulcalibur team. Does someone have a cold?


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