The Fate of Broken Destiny

“Regarding SCBD, originally we were planning to release a DL version for home consoles but for business reasons we couldn’t.

The teams was let down. SCBD is obviously not just a port of SC4, in terms of game system it’s an improved version of SC4.

So it’s a shame we couldn’t release the DL version.

Creating SC for the handheld was hard. We came up with many characters and weapon types but sadly they didn’t make it into the game.

So we created a character not with a special weapon but with “personality” and that was Dan Pierre.

Is he good enough for SC? The team had mixed feelings about this character but we had to take a challenge.

SCBD ended up being underrated but I think the team did well considering the limitations.

I wasn’t director at the time but I have respect for the former director, he gave his best to meet the user’s needs.

In the end it’s our responsibility to please the users. So hopefully the new SC is going to please everyone and achieve results.”

And now we know. Even though many players would have been happy with another patch to Soulcalibur 4, Broken Destiny would have been nice. Not perfect, just nice.

Not enough has been said about the differences between Broken Destiny and Soulcalibur 4, and I can’t fill in all the blanks; I’ve only played Broken Destiny a few times, and it left mixed impressions. Characters were rebalanced, but not not necessarily for the better. Hilde lost her doom combo and gained boatloads of damage. Rock was better, Mina was somehow even worse. Dampierre and Kratos were fun characters.

The new Critical Finish mechanics seemed flawed; Critical Finish was not common in Soulcalibur 4, while armour breaks were nothing but a pain in the ass. Nerfing Critical Finish by making armour breaks more prevalent was the wrong thing to do.


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