Harada Trolls, Filthierich Inspires

Seen on the twitters of Katsuhiro Harada (in charge of Namco fighting games) and Hideki Kamiya (Platinum Games, designer of Bayonetta, director of Devil May Cry).

“Plz ask @PG_kamiya san RT @GazzaH181:guest characters in the new Soul Calibur, could you consider putting Bayonetta in? Would be amazing!! !?

I should call…RT@PG_kamiya What a great idea! RT@Harada_TEKKENlz ask kamiya san RT@GazzaH181:new Soul Calibur guest char= Bayonetta

What a great idea! RT @Harada_TEKKEN: Plz ask @PG_kamiya san RT @GazzaH181:guest characters in the new Soul Calibur, putting Bayonetta in?

And Dante, right? RT @AriesWarlock: @PG_kamiya Helo, please put Bayonetta/Jeanne in Soul Calibur 5

No, him! → @Harada_TEKKEN RT @AriesWarlock: Dante and Vergil, yes please. Por favor. Onegai shimasu ka. you can do it Kamiya-san!”


Meanwhile, Namco’s community manager, Filthierich, posts in the 8wayrun forum asking for suggestions and comments on the new Soulcalibur game.

I would like to start by saying Happy New Years! I hope that people are excited about the news and just want to move forward and put this gig into gears. I need to hear your thoughts on a concentrated level about the new game coming out. With that said, lets use this particular room for discussion of what you the fans / competitors / organizers / moderators / admins want in this new game.

Try your best to keep me informed as I will be working hard to really ensure that the voice of the community is heard. Everyone deserves a chance to speak their mind on things, my role here is to make sure that your message doesn’t fall on dead ears.

Stay on topic : What would make the next SC game GREAT. details details details… Take care everyone.

All hell breaks loose. Fanboys work themselves into a stupor, while perfectly reasonable suggestions tend to get lost.


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