Daishi’s Twitter – Round 1

The SC team was able to make a return thanks to all the fans out there. We’re ready and motivated to make a great game!

Daishi, via Twitter.

The beginning of a new decade, and the beginning on a new chapter in the Soulcalibur saga. Unlike most announced games, the new Soulcalibur comes with little fanfare. We’re getting in on the ground floor, which means there’s no previously developed alpha footage or concept art to show, just some Japanese fellows hanging out in boardrooms and bars.

The beginning of a new project is the most exciting time, with an exchange of pure ideas and endless possibilities that will eventually be whittled down to a core that’s practical enough to make a new game. Depending on how open Daishi and Harada are, this process could be just as interesting to the fans. We didn’t get early concepts and art for the previous Soulcalibur games until well after their releases.

Of course, as an employee of a commercial developer, Daishi’s twitter posts will be couched in standard Dev Speak, but it wouldn’t be vague speculations if I didn’t try and read something into everything he says.

Week One – 24/12/10 – 31/12/10

Just had an end of year meeting with the dev team. Hope we can continue this positive atmosphere next year! http://twitpic.com/3k5vro

Last day of work! Hanging out with the SC planners. The Yakiniku tastes great! http://photozou.jp/photo/show/1228354/62121201

Thanks for all the ideas and support! Won’t be easy, but we’ll do our best to meet everyone’s expectations.

Happy New year! I never thought I would spend New Year’s Eve reading everyone’s comments.

After the initial announcement of a new Soulcalibur on Christmas Eve, it was natural that news was threadbare during the first week. Daishi established his format of posting in his native Japanese, and then following that later once someone could translate things into English.


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